Chocolate Bars

Chocolate comes in many forms, but the bar remains chocolate’s iconic form—portable, easy to divide for sharing or safe-keeping, and visually pleasing. In addition, the bar invites the evocative “snap” when a piece is separated from the bar. We love the snap!



Défoncé bars are born out of a combination of commitment to centuries-old traditions of chocolate-making and thoughtful experimentation. Our team of chocolatiers have worked for years in the kitchens of high-end chocolate manufacturers, crafting combinations of cocoa, nuts, spices, sugar, and more into chocolate bars. Now, they combine that veteran expertise with a deep respect for cannabis.


“Chocolate is a tactile pleasure—from the taste to the texture to, yes, the snap. It also is one of the most temperamental foods in the world. Introducing cannabis to the mix adds another layer of complexity. We think the challenges presented by combining chocolate and cannabis have forced us to create chocolates that not only are the best infused chocolates in the world, but among the finest chocolates on shelves anywhere.”

–Shiaosan Williams-Sheng, head chocolatier


An important aspect of all Défoncé products hinges on our ability to deliver predictable levels THC with every serving. Our bars are more than spectacles of taste and texture—they offer experiences as well. Too many products that are infused with cannabis fall short when it comes to reliability, and as a result the important “experience” part of the bar disappoints, if not dismays. Cannabis is a powerful ingredient, and we treat the plant’s magic with enormous respect. As a result, our approach to handling the cannabis part of the recipes goes to extra lengths to ensure accuracy. 

We worked closely with industrial designers and the leading chocolate mold company to create our molds that would guarantee specific amounts of THC for each bar and each serving. Every full-size bar of Défoncé contains 180 milligrams of THC, and each of the bar’s 18 sections contain precisely 10 milligrams of THC.

This commitment to quality even extends to the branding. As a team, we worked obsessively on everything from color schemes to packaging closures.


“We have some of the best dispensaries located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and brands are increasingly playing an important role in the dispensary experience. Brands like Défoncé are driving this, forcing retailers to say, `Wow, the people who pay meticulous attention to branding are selling well. Let’s work with more brands that understand the dispensary experience is about more than simple transactions.’”

–Marty Higgins, the owner of Harvest, one of the nation’s premiere dispensaries